Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Challenge

I am on Day Two of no candy/dessert.

I have come to realize that I eat too many sweets. I know everything is okay in moderation but I also have know, deep down inside, that I enjoy my sweets a bit too much. About a week ago I wanted to challenge myself and not eat candy/dessert type food and see how long I could make it. Well, I would forget about my challenge and find myself eating a kit-kat or ice cream and then realize that I wanted to challenge myself. So as of yesterday morning I decided that I was going to be serious about this. I mean, I will still use my Coffee-mate coffee creamer (I mean, come on!) and eat my sugar cereal sometimes but I have challenged myself to not eating candy, cookies, ice cream, cake, DONUTS, brownies, ect. If you know me at all, you know that this is a major challenge. My hope is that by taking a break I will view my sweets in a different way, more as a treat and less of a staple in my diet. Craig agreed to participate in the challenge with me yesterday, but I woke up this morning to an empyt Kit-Kat wrapper. I told him he could have atleast hid the evidence. He said he forgot, I know what that is like. So, Day 2 for Ashley & Day 1 for Craig. I will let you know how this goes...

Oh, and if you were curious I did not go to McDonald's for my QPC.

I am hoping that Craig will honor us with his thoughts sometime soon, I would hate to be the only one contributing...

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